Lake Hayes Predator Free

Lake Hayes Predator Free is a group of passionate locals who volunteer their time to reducing the number of invasive predators in the Lake Hayes area to protect and support our native wildlife. Scroll down to find out more about our work and why we do it…

Lake Hayes Predator Free Traps Map

Our trapping network

Lake Hayes Predator Free manage over 40 traps that encircle the lake, spaced at roughly 200 metre intervals. These traps are checked and maintained by our volunteers on a weekly basis.

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Why we trap

New Zealand is home to many rare and unique species that have evolved over millenia in a landscape completely free of mammalian predators.

This all changed with the arrival of humans, who brought with them rats, mice, possums, weasels, stoats, ferrets, hedgehogs and cats, all of which have decimated native wildlife populations. At least 16 bird species have gone extinct in New Zealand since 1800. We trap in order to save our existing native wildlife.

“Stoats are implicated in the extinction of the South Island subspecies of bush wren, laughing owl and New Zealand thrush.”


Lake Hayes Wildlife

Lake Hayes is home to a wide variety of bird life, with 47 species recorded on or around the lake. Some are rare or threatened such as the Grey Duck, Australasian Crested Grebe and Marsh Crake. Native skinks can also be spotted in the area.

You can report what you see around the lake by signing up to eBird.


Our partners

We would not be able to carry out our work without the support from our generous partners. Many thanks to the following organisations:

Department Of Conservation
Hugo Charitable Trust
James P G Foundation
Over The Top Helicopters